There is so much interest in Coal Seam Gas activity in Australia from Industry, Environmentalists, Government and the public.

The following resources are essential reading for Producers impacted by CSG mining.

Checklists and Templates

Guides and Factsheets

Landholder Insight Stories – Interviews published by the GasFields Commission Qld


Phone Assistance

  • CSG Compliance Unit (07) 4529 1500 or email –
  • AgForce Projects CSG Team (07) 3238 6048

Research Papers

Technical Papers

  • Groundwater Aquifer Connectivity in Queensland, Australia – including what determines the degree of connectivity between geological formations; how it is measured and monitored including research into the connectivity of coal seams and the Condamine Alluvium; and how expected impacts are addressed in Queensland through statutory measures such as the ‘Make Good’ provisions. – GasFields Commission Qld
  • CSG Water Treatment and Beneficial Use in Queensland – including how water is formed in coal seams; why water is extracted as part of the CSG production process; how it is treated and beneficially used; and CSG water management and monitoring requirements in Queensland. – GasFields Commission Qld
  • Groundwater Systems of Gas Producing Regions in Queensland – provides an overview of the geology, key aquifers and groundwater use in four key gas producing regions in Queensland including the Surat, Bowen, Galilee and Cooper Basins. – GasFields Commission Qld
  • Onshore Gas Well Integrity in Queensland – covers the standards and codes in Queensland governing the design, construction, operation and ongoing monitoring of onshore gas wells; auditing, compliance and reporting on well integrity. – GasFields Commission Qld