Rural Resources Online welcome contributions of an informative and educational nature that are relevant to the rural community.

Contributions are welcomed from a variety of sources regardless of their age, enterprise, gender, production methods or the size of operation.

A collective approach to problem-solving and information sharing ensures the Farmers Voice is both insightful and inspiring.

  • Producer’s Perspective. The people involved at the coalface of Australian Agriculture are its most valuable resource. By sharing their stories and perspectives on life and business others are supported to  know they are not alone. Insights into their unique lifestyle  also help connect producers with city consumers.
  • Industry Insights. Consultants, processors, lobby groups and government departments all make valid contributions to Australian agriculture. Meaningful conversations can only occur when all the relevant stakeholders are included.
  • Support Services. The bush is about community. There is a lot of great information and numerous resources to help farmers take care of themselves and support each other. We want to ensure producers have access to it.

We reserve the right to reject or edit the content submitted to the site. If the content is promotional it will be deemed advertorial in nature and will attract a fee to be published.


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