Rural Resources connects people involved in Australian agriculture, providing relevant up-to-date resources, to support individual members of farming families to thrive and help businesses grow.

Operated from an inside-out-perspective and run by producers  passionate about improving the future viability for all sectors of Agriculture in Australia,  Rural Resources is the online hub for farming families.



Through this online community we are embracing the wisdom of elders, the energy and enthusiasm of youth as well as the knowledge of the wider agricultural industry to support  long-term positive change within Australian agriculture.

The Farmers Voice

As a modern day bush telegraph Farmer’s Voice is an online magazine sharing stories, opinions and information of interest and benefit to rural Australia.

The real victims of Qld Bush Fires

“The Guilt” Last weekend I went back into “our lease”. “Our lease” is an old state forest converted into a national park in 2006. It’s only ours until 2023 when we and our cattle are to be removed. I hadn’t been out there since the fires in November - there had’nt...

Farming Wife: I’m proud to be a farmer

No more excusing what I do, no more apologising.  I’m a farmer and proud of it.  I turn bare paddocks into fields of golden wheat.  I grow the cotton for your socks and the wool for your winter jumpers. I grow the barley that makes your beer, the grapes that make your...

Farming Wife: the truth about farming in Australia

Telling our stories As someone who loves to communicate her thoughts and feelings it really nice to know I’m connecting with likeminded people out in the country as well as some who may not have access to information about farming and the people who farm. I write in...

Bush Gardens – some tips to surviving the drought

Drought is, as they say, an insidious creature that gradually takes over the land, its people, and the gardens of the bush. It cares not for beautiful old established gardens with years of history and sentiment.  It cares not for a new garden being nurtured by a young...

Back in the day – farm life insights

Back in the day, ha ha, isn’t that something your grandparents said?  Well back in the day, which was only around 30 years ago, my married life started in a long rectangular building. Verandahs down either side, 6 bedrooms and a dining room which ran the width of the...

Rural Connect

From produce suppliers, agribusiness professionals, personal shopping, support services and anything country, Rural Connect is one-stop shop for farmers seeking access to local or national products and services.

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