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Operated from an inside-out-perspective and run by producers  passionate about improving the future viability for all sectors of Agriculture in Australia,  Rural Resources is the online hub for farming families.



Through this online community we are embracing the wisdom of elders, the energy and enthusiasm of youth as well as the knowledge of the wider agricultural industry to support  long-term positive change within Australian agriculture.

The Farmers Voice

As a modern day bush telegraph Farmer’s Voice is an online magazine sharing stories, opinions and information of interest and benefit to rural Australia.

EvokeAG 2020: A producer’s and parent’s perspective

As a mother of a 16 year old, whose identity is very much aligned with our family grazing business, I look for opportunities to broaden his knowledge about agriculture.  This year EvokeAG 2020 was chosen as the excursion away from the farm for my son, Rob, to step out...

Farming Wife: It’s Hard to be a Woman

Late last night, as I crawling into bed after a particularly gruelling day, the words of an old country song reverberated in my head.  Just a single phrase, over and over in a way I knew would keep me awake for hours, despite my fatigue.  You may remember it too,...

Farming Wife: A Fairy Tale For Our Times

Once upon a time there was a young man who loved to garden. He searched for a long time until finally he found the perfect spot.  It had fertile soil, the grass was sweet and the water that ran through it was crystal clear. Using all his skills he tilled and nourished...

Australian Farmers: it’s time to get social

Before customers want to buy from you they must first know, like and trust you. As the connection between city and bush erodes the challenge to address reduced levels of trust in agricultural practices increases. In recent times, political policy has been influenced...

Rural Connect

From produce suppliers, agribusiness professionals, personal shopping, support services and anything country, Rural Connect is one-stop shop for farmers seeking access to local or national products and services.

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