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Operated from an inside-out-perspective and run by producers  passionate about improving the future viability for all sectors of Agriculture in Australia,  Rural Resources is the online hub for farming families.



Through this online community we are embracing the wisdom of elders, the energy and enthusiasm of youth as well as the knowledge of the wider agricultural industry to support  long-term positive change within Australian agriculture.

The Farmers Voice

As a modern day bush telegraph Farmer’s Voice is an online magazine sharing stories, opinions and information of interest and benefit to rural Australia.

Rural Succession Planning: how a will can let you down

For intergenerational family business, and particularly primary production business, clients often have the view that assets should be left to the next generation as a bequest in their will. This view often arises for some of the following reasons: No capital gain...

Solar and Wind Farm Development on Australian farms

Interest in renewable energy projects has increased at a frantic rate since January 2016 Landowners are being approached by solar and/or wind project developers and in some cases, multiple developers are contacting landowners wanting to secure site access. The...

Australian agriculture: the changing face of farmers

An estimated 70 per cent of the first jobs that young Australians commence will either look very different or be completely obsolete in the next 10 -15 years due to automation, according to a report by the Foundation for Young Australians. And Australian agriculture...

Suck it up big girl, life’s not fair

Life in the bush can be hard, and with a growing disconnect between the food producers and our urban consumers, we really need to watch how we communicate our message. I was driving my three children home from school one day and refereeing a discussion between the two...

Rural Connect

From produce suppliers, agribusiness professionals, personal shopping, support services and anything country, Rural Connect is one-stop shop for farmers seeking access to local or national products and services.

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