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Operated from an inside-out-perspective and run by producers  passionate about improving the future viability for all sectors of Agriculture in Australia,  Rural Resources is the online hub for farming families.



Through this online community we are embracing the wisdom of elders, the energy and enthusiasm of youth as well as the knowledge of the wider agricultural industry to support  long-term positive change within Australian agriculture.

The Farmers Voice

As a modern day bush telegraph Farmer’s Voice is an online magazine sharing stories, opinions and information of interest and benefit to rural Australia.

Farming Wife: misconceptions about Australian Agriculture

I know what it’s like to be a city based person.  I spent my first 20 years in Brisbane.  I commuted to my office job every morning and finishing at 4.59pm on the dot every afternoon.  The bus ride home was full of weary workers, staring out of the window on the way...

Farming Wife: life in the Australian bush

I call myself the Farming wife.  It’s not because I see myself as an extension of my husband linked integrally to the farm but because I see it as a badge of honour.  I have paid my dues so to speak. I’ve bogged the car 30 km from home with no help in sight.  I’ve...

Australian Farmers: its time to get strategic online

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticised anyway” Eleanor Roosevelt. In every moment of disaster there is a hope. 2018 will be known for many things. For Qld Farmers it will be a defining period of time as the reality of the changes made to...

The Farming Wife: An Insight into Australian Farmers

Western Queensland.  It has a landscape, an aroma, a feeling all of its own.  Our family landed there, and it quite literally felt like arriving on a foreign shore, 40 years ago.  I remember we came on a hot, airless night in early December.  We stopped the truck on a...

Rural Connect

From produce suppliers, agribusiness professionals, personal shopping, support services and anything country, Rural Connect is one-stop shop for farmers seeking access to local or national products and services.

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