Author: Brigid Price

Australian agriculture: the changing face of farmers

An estimated 70 per cent of the first jobs that young Australians commence will either look very different or be completely obsolete in the next 10 -15 years due to automation, according to a report by the Foundation for Young Australians. And Australian agriculture will be among the industries dramatically impacted by computerisation and technological advancements. In findings outlined in the  New Work Order: Ensuring Young Australians Have Skills And Experience For The Jobs Of The Future, Not The Past, the FYA stresses that no longer can the workforce of the future afford to be digitally naive. “This report...

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Suck it up big girl, life’s not fair

Life in the bush can be hard, and with a growing disconnect between the food producers and our urban consumers, we really need to watch how we communicate our message. I was driving my three children home from school one day and refereeing a discussion between the two eldest. It is a long drive home, 74km to be exact. Some days it seems to take forever. On this occasion as the car was winding down the range, it was my son’s turn to be reprimanded. ‘Rob, what you are suggesting is not fair to your sister’. And then he...

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Why every husband needs to encourage their wife to join a gardening group

When we bought a property in the Blackall district in 2001, one of the first outings I had was to the local gardening club day out. The garden was amazing, the ladies were so welcoming and the atmosphere very upbeat. We had morning tea, toured the garden getting hints and tips on how to create an oasis in a sometimes harsh environment. I went home energised and buzzing with ideas on how to improve our run-down garden. The simple things in life are often the best Over the years, I was fortunate to see many amazing gardens and meet...

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A simple way to start succession Planning and decision making for farmers

Every individual involved in a family business should be making a contribution, feel valued and understand where they fit in the future of the operation. Unfortunately, if you surveyed all members of a farming family and asked their opinion, the results would often vary from concerning to heartbreaking. While there are families to admire many do not communicate well. Quite often the response is the ‘old fella won’t talk about that stuff, he didn’t get the chequebook until he was 50 and he doesn’t look like handing it over anytime soon’. While it is important for those with the...

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The impact of biosecurity and JBAS changes for cattle producers in Australia

The 1st October 2017 is an important date for cattle producers in Australia with changes to the LPA  program. Producers must take action to be able to access future NVDs (National Vendor Declaration). Currently, if you use a NVD you are part of the LPA (Livestock Production Assurance) program, because you completed an online questionnaire. LPA is an independently audited on-farm assurance program. The LPA NVD is the main document that demonstrates Australia’s commitment to producing safe red meat. Consumer trends are changing and expectations are increasing. Adequate biosecurity risk management  and animal welfare standards are becoming as important...

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