Author: Brigid Price

A simple way to start succession Planning and decision making for farmers

Every individual involved in a family business should be making a contribution, feel valued and understand where they fit in the future of the operation. Unfortunately, if you surveyed all members of a farming family and asked their opinion, the results would often vary from concerning to heartbreaking. While there are families to admire many do not communicate well. Quite often the response is the ‘old fella won’t talk about that stuff, he didn’t get the chequebook until he was 50 and he doesn’t look like handing it over anytime soon’. While it is important for those with the...

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The impact of biosecurity and JBAS changes for cattle producers in Australia

The 1st October 2017 is an important date for cattle producers in Australia with changes to the LPA  program. Producers must take action to be able to access future NVDs (National Vendor Declaration). Currently, if you use a NVD you are part of the LPA (Livestock Production Assurance) program, because you completed an online questionnaire. LPA is an independently audited on-farm assurance program. The LPA NVD is the main document that demonstrates Australia’s commitment to producing safe red meat. Consumer trends are changing and expectations are increasing. Adequate biosecurity risk management  and animal welfare standards are becoming as important...

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The City Chicks Guide to Australian Agriculture

Last year we took our children to a Veg Management rally in Brisbane and then to the Ekka. Wearing akubras always sparks interest and a flood of questions about life on the land, so it got me thinking about the important messages we should be sharing. What makes our Aussie farmers so great and unique? And how do we communicate this with the wider population. So I thought I would look approach it with my city chick hat on. The language of farmers For starters, their humour is unique. They don’t mean everything literally. Picture this … you are...

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Life lessons for a young beef producer from Graingrowers

On the surface, a mother (clearly over 35) and her 13-year-old son, who are organic beef producers, would be seen as out of place at a national grains conference aimed at the 18 to 35-year age group. The investment of our time and money, however, was more than worthwhile, not only for the information shared but for the unexpected opportunity it gave my son. The conference covered a host of new trends and technology that will transform agriculture beyond belief, and I’ve outlined the key issues in a previous post the challenges facing the innovation generation of agriculture. But...

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The challenges facing the Innovation Generation of Agriculture

The 2017 Grain Growers Innovation Generation Conference in South Australia provided an opportunity to gain a fresh insight into some of the major issues that will face, challenge and propel the next generation of Australians farming in a technological age. And I was lucky enough to gain this insight with a set of fresh eyes, accompanied by my 13-year-old son. Like many children from farming families he plays an important role in our agribusiness.   Given the technological changes that have occurred in recent years and those predicted in the future, it is important for us to understand what...

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