Some days you need one win.  Just one little thing to go right for a change, and you’re whole outlook can turn around.

It’s not always easy to get.  On these cold winter mornings the cattle look miserable; standing huddled with the sheen of frost on their backs.  The cold wind sneaks under your jacket and let’s face it, everything is that much harder to accomplish when you’re wearing three layers and gloves!

It’s the time of year when batteries, perfectly good ones, die.  When we couldn’t start the cruiser to jump start the ute we took the nearly new battery out of the truck.  It too had died a sudden and untimely death during the night.  At times like these you either howl in despair or you do what we did.  We made a cuppa.

In the bush making a cuppa is a wonderful strategy for disaster management.  It takes you away from the situation and gives you time to think.  It renews your energy levels, especially if accompanied (as ours always are) by cake.

So back to the ute.  We have three dead batteries but that is what happens at this time of year.  If we had a construction business we’d probably be ordering a pallet load of new batteries.  So things can always be worse.  Instead, we now have a battery with some life after charging and the reliable old ute starts up with its usual cloud of black smoke.

Our day continues.  We drive out with a load of stock lick and there at the first dam we encounter a nice little mob of Mums with new babies; little Murray Grey crosses that resemble woolly teddy bears with liquid dark eyes.  We watch them frolicking in the morning sun and life is good.