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Lonsdale Agribusiness provides independent specialist financial services to producers on matters including rural property purchases, finance proposals, property planning, strategic development and financial reporting.

Lisa Lonsdale grew up on the land and understands the issues that producers face everyday in their operation whether its operational, seasonal or financial.

Lonsdale Agribusiness was formed from Lisa experiencing first hand as a bank manager that clients knew their business however, finding the time and explaining their business to their financier became a logistical headache.

Lonsdale Agribusiness was developed to get the knowledge of the graziers business from them and prepare it for their financier.

Lonsdale Agribusiness offers a independent view of their rural enterprise and looks at ways that business can expand or advance their current operation. It’s about getting the best professionals in your business to get your own business to the next level in a measured timeframe.

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