Author: Melanie Findlay

Solar and Wind Farm Development on Australian farms

Interest in renewable energy projects has increased at a frantic rate since January 2016 Landowners are being approached by solar and/or wind project developers and in some cases, multiple developers are contacting landowners wanting to secure site access. The Queensland Government released a 4 page, Powering North Queensland Plan. Further in the State Budget it is proposed that some $386million would be invested in the plan. There are many incentives being offered to Solar Farm or Wind Farm developers right now. It may be the case that you are interested in a project being operated on your land, or if...

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Legislative changes Queensland farmers may not know about

Recently we have been running landholder workshops where we have looked at the computer mapping that is available for farmers. What’s been really surprising is that people are not aware about how much the government can see in relation to activity at the individual property level. For example, the Government can see what a property owner has cleared. Every few weeks new records are being taken. This satellite imagery is also used to classify country but it not always correct. When it is wrong we assist landowners with applying to get back some more productive land by doing some...

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